Police Authorised Data Downloads (PADDs) is a process which allows Insurers to be informed of a road traffic collision real time enabling a significant reduction in the claims cycle time.

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is a fraud detection tool that aims to minimise the number of false positives and maximise fraud detection rates. The system, designed using the latest machine learning technologies, underpins the work of the fraud analyst through the provision of real time results.

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Intelligent Vehicle Inspection gives Insurers a more advanced way of inspecting and triaging accident damaged vehicles enabling improved efficiency, shorter cycle times and reduced costs.

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Across all of the systems and software supplied by Emergent Network Intelligence, the use of cutting edge technologies to support & improve efficient business process is key.

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Business Collaboration

Using the latest technologies to enable collaboration within business segments and across business sectors is a core competence of ENI. Cross sector collaboration, if done effectively, can have enormous benefits for all parties particularly, but not limited to, removing inefficiencies from Supply Chains.

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